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Crown’s Crisis Control

Crown Uniform has taken a 3 prong approach to the current Covid-19 crisis.  Plan, protect, & provide.

During our Planning phase our co-vice presidents Plato Spilios & George Spilios along with the teams around them began planning for what Covid-19 could become as we learned what the epidemic was doing to China. Well before America began seeing any major spread our leaders put a plan in place that gave us the tools we needed to continue operating for our clients and employees. During the Planning phase we communicated with our teams on the steps they could take, we created signs for every restroom & building entrance, we also reached out to our clients to see if there would be any scheduling changes.

During our Protect phase we began implementing new PPE and tools. Our route service representatives are equipped with Sanitation Kits which include gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. We also equipped them with face shields and gowns to protect them during client pick ups and drops. Each employee received hand sanitizer which we’re also producing ourselves using the World Health Organizations specifications. Each building entrance is equipped with a sanitization station which include disinfectant mats, hand sanitizer and wipes to clean anything coming into our facility. Because we are HLAC and TRSA certified we have to continue to provide our clients with the best quality and hygienic process but on top of what we already do, we included UVC lighting to kill microorganisms as well as Ozone machines to sanitize & improve the air quality in our buildings. Finally we implemented a sanitization team that works around the clock to clean any surface that may be touched throughout the day.

In our last phase of Provide we empower each of our teammates and family. As everyone knows many of us spend just as much time with our coworkers as we do our families and it is up to us to provide them with a safe and happy environment. We hold each other accountable for making the right decisions and keeping our Crown Family safe and free from the Covid-19 virus. In doing so we’re able to provide a sanitary and virus free product to our clients who trust us each and every day to help them operate their businesses. From hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, and restaurants everyone depends on us to provide great products.