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  • Alsco Pays Employees to Get Covid-19 Vaccine

    Alsco Pays Employees to Get Covid-19 Vaccine

    As COVID-19 vaccines become available, Alsco Uniforms remains committed to working closely with public health agencies in facilitating the vaccination of its employees, according to a news release which said, promoting the vaccine with compensation will not only keep our employees healthy but also keep our customers and their guests healthy. In addressing the continued

  • Letter to the Editor

    Letter to the Editor

    Good Morning LL! Thank you for publishing the article, “Why Your Linen and Uniform Provider Matters.”  The author made some nice points.  However, I believe she may have misspoken on one point in her article: “A hygienically clean certified provider is important.  When linens are hygienically clean, they are free from bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

  • Cleveland Clinic and Standard Textile Develop Masks

    Cleveland Clinic and Standard Textile Develop Masks

    Standard Textile and Cleveland Clinic will collaborate to produce a non-medical grade, reusable face mask designed for comfort and customization.  On the forefront of biomedical research, Cleveland Clinic is leading a number of research projects related to COVID-19. Cleveland Clinic formed a multidisciplinary committee to evaluate therapies for mild to severe cases of the disease,

  • Staying Safe During COVID Outbreaks

    Staying Safe During COVID Outbreaks

    By O.P. Almaraz, President Allied Restoration With more than 26 years of experience in restoration, decontamination and disinfection of bio-hazards, Allied Restoration has expanded its service to assist in cleaning, planning and deploying rapid response for COVID-19. This experience in virus-related mitigation in Southern California has lead the company’s staff experts to help businesses protect

  • Take Advantage of the Current Financial Mess

    Take Advantage of the Current Financial Mess

    By Ami Kassar There’s no denying a societal crisis, especially a global one is a game-changer in many ways, especially in the business community.  Plenty of business people are dealing with real pain and life- and business-threatening situations. However, business owners, especially those whose current and future prospects aren’t completely bad off, have the ability

  • Laundry-Then to Now

    Laundry-Then to Now

    By Raymond Tamburrino, Fairfield Laundry Machinery I am approaching my 40th year of being in the laundry business. I have worked in more than one field and lint is in my blood. The progression of laundry machinery is like any other industry, driven by cost per pound, savings and technology. Washers made of wood, powered

  • Superior Donates Scrubs to Workers Fighting COVID-19

    Superior Donates Scrubs to Workers Fighting COVID-19

    Superior Group of Companies, Inc. announced it will donate $5 million of WonderWink® and Fashion Seal Healthcare branded scrubs to hospitals and healthcare facilities in areas severely impacted by COVID-19, according to a news release. Leveraging its global and domestic supply chains, SGC is partnering with Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Central Coordinating Team to distribute scrubs

  • Hotel Industry Releases Roadmap to Recovery

    Hotel Industry Releases Roadmap to Recovery

    With new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) showing staggering job loss to the hospitality and leisure industry, the American Hotel & Lodging Association released a “Roadmap to Recovery,” calling on Congress to prioritize relief for hotel workers and small businesses in the next stimulus package. The April Jobs Report showed the hospitality

  • B&C COVID-19 Response

    B&C COVID-19 Response

    During the Coronavirus pandemic B&C Technologies is open and remains fully operational. We provide necessary, vital and critical support to hospitals, fire departments, long term care, and correctional facilities. We understand that these industries are critical to daily life and it’s paramount that we are here to offer support at this time. While doing this,