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Letter to the Editor

Good Morning LL!

Thank you for publishing the article, “Why Your Linen and Uniform Provider Matters.”  The author made some nice points.  However, I believe she may have misspoken on one point in her article:

“A hygienically clean certified provider is important.  When linens are hygienically clean, they are free from bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. They do not just look clean; they are hygienically clean”.

To my understanding, producing linens to “hygienically clean” standard does not mean that linens are “free” from all bugs she referenced.

Just my opinion, but we need to be very careful as an industry when we speak to healthcare processing standards.


Dave Jerrett
Chief Operating Officer
Bay Towel Family Member since 1997

Editor Note:

Nice catch Dave!

The author agrees and the article has been edited to reflect your correction.

Thank you!