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Featured at Clean – E-Tech’s eVue Software

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.–  Celebrating 45 years supporting the Laundry Industry, E-Tech provides laundry handling solutions addressing the needs of healthcare, hospitality, linen supply, industrial, and textile manufacturing.  At Clean 2015, E-Tech featured their eVue Software which maximizes productivity by tracking and measuring real-time and historical production performance in a laundry.  Operators login to production areas (i.e. finishing equipment, soil sort, or other production points in the laundry), and eVue tracks, monitors, displays and reports on operator and machine productivity.

Key features of the system include: customization to meet your laundry’s needs, flexible display options for operator and machine productivity, customizable employee efficiency indicators, print/email/export equipment, operator or maintenance data, text and email alerts to notify supervisors and managers when production standards are not met, and dashboard displays that provide clear and accurate production data in real-time and compare current status to your benchmark. E-Tech also highlighted their featured spot on the TV Show Manufacturing Marvels® featured on the Fox Business Network which aired in January.