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EDRO Announces Changes to 2020 Management Team

The Board of Directors of the EDRO Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Scott Kirejczyk as Managing Director of the company succeeding the former CEO, Joseph Futcher, who is no longer with the Company. The Company thanks Mr. Futcher for his service and wish him the best for his future. Upon receiving this appointment,  Kirejczyk will be leading this third-generation owned family-owned business into an exciting new chapter of the iconic brand’s history.

“I’m truly excited about the future opportunities that lie ahead for EDRO and growing and continuing our proud tradition of manufacturing USA-made “Battleship Quality Laundry Equipment” for many years to come,” stated  Kirejczyk.

Bringing a wealth of knowledge and an array of expertise in the laundry industry to the position, Mr. Kirejczyk’s principal goal will be continuing to build a strong foundation for EDRO to facilitate future growth opportunities. This will include expanding the company’s range of commercial washer-extractors, tumbler dryers, and ozone systems into more commercial markets, developing and evolving the product range, improving operations, and reducing overall costs.

“Building on my grandfather’s and family’s legacies,” Kirejczyk continued, “I look forward to leveraging the core values of EDRO’s 73-year history; designing and building high-end quality laundry products at competitive prices, providing unparalleled customer service, and promoting an engaging work environment for our employees for years to come.”

Kirejczyk’s management team includes four long-serving EDRO employees,  Donald Price (Materials Manager),  Kenneth Bridges (Electrical Engineering Manager), Robert Yorski (Chief Engineer), and  David Burnham (Sales and Marketing Manager). The team is highly motivated and fully committed to moving EDRO forward in 2020 and beyond.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  EDRO