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EXPOdetergo International’s Successful Close

MILAN — The 2022 edition of EXPOdetergo International, the international exhibition dedicated to machinery, services and products for laundry, ironing and textile cleaning, closed with 17.144 operators, 40% from 106 countries, according to a  news release.

With the presence of companies worldwide (250 exhibitors, 33% of them foreign from 22 countries) and all the leading associations of the Italian market – Assofornitori, Assosistema, Assosecco, CNA and Confartigianato – who chose to bring their know-how to the fair, EXPOdetergo International proved to be an unmissable moment for operators to understand the changes taking place and develop new strategies.

“We met operators from all over the world, and this confirms and reinforces the international role of the event, but above all, the exhibiting companies were able to experience the quality of an evolved and demanding professional visitor, who appreciated the research and development work behind the machines and products on offer at the show,” said Marco Sancassani, president of EXPOdetergo International.

“These were days of business and great substance, in which several companies signed contracts. The change and innovation that the companies have presented can now find its way into laundries, laying the foundations for the future of this market, with a focus on sustainability, digitalisation and ergonomics, characteristics that are shared by all the present offerings”, added Paolo Pizzocaro, Fiera Milano, director of the exhibition.

The watchword of the event was doing more with less. A necessity linked to the choice of greater sustainability, but made even more urgent by the high energy bills, which is a pressing matter for a sector that has high energy consumption: it is estimated, in fact, that for industrial laundries, gas consumption being equal, the increase in energy costs has reached 600%. Technological advancement and research and development are the answers behind the solutions presented at the event.

In fact, the entire offer available on the market today worldwide was presented at the exhibition: super-fast and energy-saving washing machines, ergonomic and low-consumption ironing systems, fully digitalised machines that manage the washing/ironing chain even remotely, highly effective and environmentally friendly professional detergents, up to textile proposals (bedding and table linen), with fine fabrics and linens for rental.


EXPOdetergo International 2022 highlighted the evolution of the sector.

On the machinery side, manufacturers are turning into real consultants for energy saving plans. The industrial laundry becomes 4.0 and finds room for savings and optimisation through automated line management. This reduces time and, with it, costs.

The machines are interconnected and talk to each other, they simulate the flow in a virtual way to search for the most efficient one and enable real-time monitoring of workstations, performance verification and remote control of the whole chain. A latest generation line washes, irons and folds 1 kg of laundry with about 0.8 kwh, whereas older machines require 2.5 kwh. A saving that makes a big difference.

On the ironing front, cold technology allows, thanks to worktops coated with a special anti-condensation treatment, to reduce energy costs and work in a healthier environment.

But detergents also make an essential contribution. Ozone technology used in combination with innovative chemicals improves washing efficiency: time is reduced, working at low temperatures (washing at 15 degrees is sufficient) and electricity consumption is reduced, with savings of up to 80%.


 On the last day of the event, EXPOdetergo International set the date for 2026 by presenting the restyling of the logo, with smart and innovative graphics, demonstrating a willingness to evolve together with the market.

The logo – redesigned at the same time as that of Assofornitori (from today AIFL, Italian Association of Laundry Suppliers) and of the magazine Detergo, the Association’s house organ – is monochrome, blue to evoke cleanliness and is characterised by geometric and essential features. The features bring together the laundry process, the fabric and the exhibition, which is increasingly under the banner of sustainability.