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Getting Back to the Basics

By Ken Tyler, Sr. Laundry Industry Consultant

Things change every day but some things should always remain the same.  Today, with so much that has changed in our work environment, financial climate and interpersonal communications, I think it’s time to get back to basics.  Just something to think about.

1)   Laundry cost bench marks are something our industry needs and desires.  Recent reviews have resulted in an escalation of cost across the board in the past 4 years.
Many may object in theory, cost are what they are, plain and simple. While inflation may ease, as laundry operators, we must learn to work within our means.
Stay tuned for the next version of these bench marks covering energy, production and labor rates etc.

2)  The way you speak to peers, vendor reps, and employees can easily be misconstrued. This goes for your team members too. Carefully consider your tone and the words you choose.
It is important for people to feel appreciated.  Communicate that appreciation and make sure that your discussions are professional.  Sexual harassment is easily transmitted verbally and over the phone. You may consider training your team in these verbal communications.

3)  When planning dinners, meetings, conferences or any close communication with peers, employees or business associates, ensure that everything possible is done to protect those not only in in attendance – but also those working the event. This is especially important in today’s COVID environment.
Many recent gatherings have resulted in COVID outbreaks which have returned home with infected individuals.


About the Author:
Ken has been active in laundry and textile programs for the past 50 years, He managed US Marine Corps and Department of the Navy laundry programs for 10 years, Department of Veterans Affairs textile care and laundry programs for 15 years and managed government programs for Encompass LLC for 16 years. He is a recipient of numerous industry and government awards and has served numerous organizations such as AHA, TRSA, JCAHO, ALM and ARTA.