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Gurtler Industries’ Quality Management System ISO Certified

SOUTH HOLLAND, Ill. — Gurtler Industries announced that their Quality Management System (QMS) was officially recognized as ISO 9001:2008 Certified in March, 2015. Greg Gurtler, president of Gurtler Industries said, “Being ISO certified is a major milestone in Gurtler’s commitment to quality. My father established our laundry chemical business over 40 years ago with an overriding philosophy that the Gurtler name would stand for top quality laundry chemicals and service. And this certification demonstrates our continued adherence to that philosophy.”

“Being ISO certified has numerous benefits to Gurtler’s customers,” said Steve Tinker, senior vice president of research and development for Gurtler. “The ISO process has helped us focus on developing shorter order lead times, higher delivery reliability, and consistently high quality services and products. We also expect to be more efficient and competitive in meeting the demands of today’s marketplace.”

The QMS allows the Gurtler team to focus on quality goals that are set annually by Gurtler upper management. Data is developed continually to evaluate progress to versus the goals. Well defined and documented procedures improve the consistency of our products. Quality is constantly measured and corrective action is taken immediately if needed. The concept of doing it right the first time, every time, results in more efficient operation and happy customers.