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Hospital Employee Finds and Returns $9,100  

It’s not unusual for sheets to spin in a hospital dryer.  But recently at The Miriam Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, cash was also whirling around – to the tune of $9,100.

When Steve Ledo, an employee in the hospital laundry noticed a door on one of the dryers slightly ajar, he approached the machine.  That’s when Ledo, who has been working at the hospital for 19 years, got quite the surprise.

“I could see money literally coming out of the dryer. There were 100’s, 50’s, a lot of 20’s, and 5’s and 1’s,” he says. “I’ve never had that much in my hands. Most people don’t.”

Regardless, Ledo’s immediate reaction was to ‘do the right thing’ and ensure the money was returned.  So he collected the cash and brought it to his supervisor who located its owner, a hospital patient.

“He did the right thing. We are very proud of him,” said Sandra Cheng, vice president of support services.

In late August, Ledo will be recognized with an award for his meritorious service from the hospital’s President, Arthur Sampson.

“I didn’t have any doubts,” Ledo said. “It boils down to how you were brought up. When you do something good inside, you feel good and clean.”


Photo courtesy of Lifespan