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ImageFIRST-Hartford HealthCare Partnership

ImageFIRST, a provider of laundry services for the healthcare industry, announced that it formalized a partnership with Hartford HealthCare on October 30, 2019, according to a news release.

The transition of Hartford HealthCare’s linen laundry services will continue over the next few months.

Hartford HealthCare is Connecticut’s most comprehensive health system, with seven hospitals and more than 360 locations serving 185 towns and cities. The ImageFIRST New England team had already been providing service to some Hartford HealthCare outpatient facilities for several years, and when Hartford HealthCare decided to close its in-house laundry, they chose ImageFIRST for the balance of their linen needs.

“Our New England team had done an incredible job delivering great service and products to Hartford HealthCare over the years, proving we are the best provider of healthcare laundry services in the industry,” said Jim Cashman, president of ImageFIRST. “I’m very proud of the ImageFIRST Team and want to thank Hartford HealthCare for their partnership.”

Due to the partnership, ImageFIRST is building an addition to its current facility in Farmington, Conn.  The new space will be ready in January 2020, and will more than double the processing capacity of the existing plant.

Because Associates come first in the company’s Purpose, ImageFIRST will be hiring and employing many of the employees from the existing Hartford HealthCare laundry facility. Additionally, Hartford HealthCare will redeploy remaining staff to other areas of their business, meaning no jobs will be lost as a result of this transition.