Industry Mourns Passing of Jack Reiff

Jack J. Reiff, president of WET-TECH, a laundry and wastewater treatment consulting firm based in Worcester, Mass has passed away. He was 85.

A laundry innovator, Reiff was known throughout the industry for his knowledge in washroom technology.  He authored many industry studies in washroom technology and ozone applications.

Reiff was an active industry participant in several industry associations and helped to promote legislature that is beneficial to our industry. He remained on the cutting edge of new and developing technology for the laundry industry.

“My father loved the industry and didn’t want to leave it,” said his daughter.  “He was well respected for his depth of knowledge of the laundry and ozone industry and enjoyed working with his friends and peers in the industry.”

Jack J. Reiff will be greatly missed by all who knew him.