White Improves Efficiency for Complete Cleaners

White Conveyors recently installed its semi-automated garment Order Assembly System (SUV-OAS) at Complete Cleaners, located in Trussville, Alabama.

Complete Cleaners was seeking to improve its productivity by transitioning from manual assembly at both its locations to automated assembly at one location. The business suffered from a lack of space at the main plant and employees often had to haul completed garments several times a day to the necessary destinations. Alex Yearout, (pictured above) owner of Complete Cleaners, sought to make a change. After extensive research, he chose White Conveyors to offer him a solution to meet his needs.

The White team was able to provide a customized SUV-OAS solution to address the issues regarding space and the quantity of garments needing assembly.

“Before White, we did not have the room at the plant to manually assemble for both locations,” says Yearout. “We were making 3-4 trips each day, so that finished garments could be brought to our ‘dry store’ and assembled. Now, the SUV-OAS allows us to assemble for both stores and a route in a 100 sq. ft. space at a much more aggressive rate. Depending on the workload for the day, the system can assemble up to 300 pieces per hour.”

The SUV-OAS was also able to provide additional benefits. Employees spent less time handling garments and being able to utilize the permanent heat seal mark-in and garment history that were offered.

“I’ve been in this business for almost 17 years and this transition has been exciting,” says Yearout. “The assembly conveyor is a sturdy, quality machine that will last beyond my years; and its price point is competitive.”

For more information, visit the company’s web site: White Conveyors