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Braun Publishes Textile Finishing Publication

Braun has announced the availability of their new Science Stands The Test Of Time® Finishing Environments publication.

The purpose of the publication is to educate the industry on the science behind and evolution of textile finishing technology and equipment. This publication examines various finishing environments that are employed in the industry. In doing so it enlightens readers on the many advancements in technology and equipment solutions that are available to the market.

This publication is the third in the “Science Stands The Test Of Time®” series. Braun has also published the science of Batch Tunnel Washing Technology and the science of Conventional Washroom Technology. “These publications are broad in scope and are used as educational tools. They have been found to be very beneficial by operators, chemical companies, and other industry professionals,” said Pamela Simonetti, Director of Marketing, G. A. Braun.

For more information and to download a copy of Braun’s Science Stands The Test Of Time® publications please visit They can be found in the “Laundry Industry Science” section.