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Introducing Sea-Lion America

In celebration of its fifty years in business and ever expanding market presence, Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the launching of Sea-lion America Company, a joint venture designed to support Asia’s top producer of high end laundry equipment for the North American, Mexican and Caribbean markets, in a news release.

Headed by laundry industry veterans Ed Kirejczyk and Caroline Wojcicki, the goal of Sea-lion America Company is to provide unparalleled local sales and service support for the full range of automation,washing, and finishing technologies produced by Jiangsu Sea-lion. These disciplines include:

• Automation Technologies:
o loading and sorting conveyors
o overhead monorails
o shuttles, elevators and material movers
o SCADA network control center
• Washing Technologies:
o tunnel washers with press and extractor
o pass through automated tumble dryers integrated with tunnel washer
o stand alone open pocket high speed washer-extractors
o barrier type, pullman style washer-extractors for hospitals and clean rooms
o stand alone electric, gas and steam tumble dryers
• Finishing Technologies:
o spreader feeders
o flatwork folders
o flatwork, double chest and multi roll ironers
o towel and uniform folders
o tunnel finishers

The Sea-lion factory campus in Jiangsu is an impressive, vertically integrated production facility outfitted with the latest manufacturing technologies including a line of robotic welders, automated painting systems and CAD engineering for all equipment, capable of producing over 12,000 units annually.

Sea-lion’s main laundry technology disciplines of automation, washing, and finishing offer a complete systems approach to high output laundries. Machines are built to world class quality standards and certified to global standards using first rate components. During its successful history, Sea-lion has become one of the most respected brands in the laundry industry.

Pictured above is Hong Chen, Chairman, Shixin Wu, General Manager and Jianfeng Zhang, Deputy General Manager, the principles of Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd., and Ed Kirejczyk, President of Sea-lion America Company at the Sea-lion headquarters and factory in China.

Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd. Is located in Jiangsu, China and Sea-lion America Company is based in Westbrook, Connecticut USA. For more information visit www.sealionamerica.com or email: sales@sealionamerica.com.