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  • Milnor’s Hurricane Ida Update

    Milnor’s Hurricane Ida Update

    Following Hurricane Ida, which made landfall in Southeast Louisiana on Sunday, August 29, 2021, Milnor is grateful to report that their facilities are in good shape. The Milnor factory sustained very minor damage, including a few fences knocked down, according to a news release. The company’s business continuity plan was initiated on Monday, August 30th.

  • JENSEN-GROUP at Clean ’19

    JENSEN-GROUP at Clean ’19

    JENSEN-GROUP held a press conference at the Clean Show during which new equipment from JENSEN-GROUP and its partners was introduced. Gerda Jank, head of communications, JENSEN-GROUP directed the conference.  In attendance wereChristina Solbach-Schmidt, Marketing, Inwatec; Martin Sukop, Sales & Product Development Manager, JENSEN Germany; and Henrik Andersen, Product Support Manager, JENSEN Denmark. “It was an

  • Introducing Sea-Lion America

    Introducing Sea-Lion America

    In celebration of its fifty years in business and ever expanding market presence, Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the launching of Sea-lion America Company, a joint venture designed to support Asia’s top producer of high end laundry equipment for the North American, Mexican and Caribbean markets, in a news release. Headed

  • Clean ’19 – JENSEN, Booth 2621

    Clean ’19 – JENSEN, Booth 2621

    JENSEN-GROUP is “Creating the future in laundry automation” – come visit us in Booth 2621. Innovations introduced at Clean 2019 will be a complete new space-saving high-quality high-production flatwork finishing line for all linens; healthcare, hospitality, and food & beverage. JENSEN-GROUP will also be introducing an automated soil sort system for garments utilizing robotics, X-ray,

  • EDRO’s New Catalog of Cutting-Edge Equipment

    EDRO’s New Catalog of Cutting-Edge Equipment

    The EDRO Corporation – manufacturers of battleship-quality washer-extractors, tumbler dryers and environmentally friendly ozone systems that are made to last and built to perform – announced the release of its 2019-2020 product catalog. The full-color 16-page catalog features the company’s state-of-the-art DynaTrol 3.0 HMi touch screen control panel. With is extensive program step and event

  • Pellerin Milnor Welcomes Clean ‘19 Attendees to Factory

    Pellerin Milnor Welcomes Clean ‘19 Attendees to Factory

    Pellerin Milnor will host an Open House and Factory Tour throughout the day on Wednesday, June 19th. Visitors will be guided through all stages of production, from cutting sheet metal with laser cutters to final paint and shipping. Milnor’s state‐of‐the‐art manufacturing equipment will be in operation for visitors to observe. Light refreshments will be provided.

  • UniMac Appoints CLEC as Distributor for Houston Area

    UniMac Appoints CLEC as Distributor for Houston Area

    UniMac, a source of heavy duty industrial laundry solutions, recently appointed Commercial and Coin Laundry Equipment Co. (CLEC) as their distributor in the Houston and south Texas area. “CLEC has been an on-premises laundry leader in Florida for decades and its expansion West has made it uniquely positioned to represent UniMac in the Houston market,”

  • Buy Reliability & Support Services-Not Marketing & Support Claims-Part 2

    Buy Reliability & Support Services-Not Marketing & Support Claims-Part 2

    By Scott Paton When purchasing equipment for a facility, there are several things to be considered. In part one we looked at the hallmarks of in-service ‘vintage’ equipment including superior manufacturing processes and personal equipment support. Read Part One here. Today we’ll look at manufacturer support offerings such as service schools and discuss what you