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Kannegiesser on COVID-19

Dear Valued Kannegiesser ETECH Partner,

It is especially true in these times that we recognize the importance of supporting you the front-line providers of clean, hygienic linens and uniforms for use throughout North America.  Extra preparedness, especially in a time of crisis, is key for seamless operations.  While world events are unpredictable in timing and severity, there are several actions we can take to ensure you are able to continue providing the results your customers have come to depend on.

The proper operation of your equipment and logistics plays a key role in maintaining integrity with your customers. In order to ensure continued results, Kannegiesser ETECH is taking the following actions:

  • Coordinating with our suppliers to ensure that the inventory in our Minneapolis, MN and Grand Prairie, TX warehouses will continue to support your business.
  • Monitoring and collaborating with our freight partners to confirm timely delivery of replacement and spare parts.
  • Remaining flexible and ready to adapt as the situation continues to develop.

Due to the fluidity of restrictions and guidance related to the COVID 19 world event, there are precautions that we recommend you take immediately:

  • Check inventory of your spare parts; if necessary, place an order to help supplement it.  With shipping restrictions becoming a possibility, along with the unknown future or length of the virus and its impacts, it is important that both critical and wear parts are available within your facility.  If you need support in defining what you should have stocked, please contact our team using the information shared below.
  • Post Kannegiesser ETECH technical service contact information prominently within your facility.  Our inside service teams are available for technical support if the need should arise.  Hours and contact information is available below.

We continue to take all precautions to maintain the reliable support that Kannegiesser ETECH is known for.  We are committed to keeping you updated as we adapt to this ever-changing situation. We are confident that the strength in our partnership and our continued communication (both ways) will get us through these times with as limited interruption as possible.

Tony Schult | Service Director
Mobile: 651-246-4901
Please feel free to contact me directly with questions.