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Keeping Linens White at Masonicare Health Center

WALLINGFORD, Conn. — When Bill Dadlani, director of support services, at Masonicare Health Center began searching for a way to improve the finished linen quality at Masonicare laundry facility, he began exploring the use of ozone.

“The linen was clean, but I wasn’t happy with its finished quality and presentation. It looked dingy,” Dadlani says.“We also had some quality issue concerns from residents.”

The Masonicare Health Center laundry processes over 3 million pounds yearly for three Masonicare Connecticut locations – Masonicare at Ashlar Village, Masonicare Main Campus in Wallingford and Masonicare at Newtown.

The Masonicare Continuum offers a full-service nursing home, an assisted living complex, residential care and a retirement community. Healthcare services include hospital care, hospice and palliative care, in addition to long and short-term care and outpatient rehabilitation. There are 375 skill beds, 88 resident care beds and approximately 50 hospital beds.

Satisfied with what he heard about ozone, Dadlani reached out to a couple of ozone companies. “I spoke to Wet-Tech and another company but we went with Wet-Tech because I liked their program,” Dadlani says. “It’s been about a year-and-a-half now that we’re using Wet-Tech’s EnviroSaver II Ozone Laundry system and I’m still happy with it.” IMG_0345[1]

One reason Dadlani chose Wet-Tech was because their program featured separate ozone systems for each washer. “We have washers working simultaneously and if something can go wrong, it usually will. So it’s important to me that if one washer goes down, the others will still be able to produce clean, freshly washed linens for our facility.”

The laundry’s bottom line has also seen a decrease in utility costs and hot water consumption, he says. “We still use a little hot water but not like we did,” he adds.

Another attribute that drew Dadlani to Wet-Tech was their service. “Wet-Tech is here whenever we call them. They’ll touch base through email and stop by to perform updates,” he says. “It’s almost like a partnership. They’re always there for us.”

But perhaps what is most important is what is appreciated by more than just Dadlani.

“The quality of our linens now is super – it’s brighter and cleaner. The issues that we used to have prior to installing an ozone system don’t exist anymore.”

Two wash handlers, Joseph Agnew and Ken Jenkins along with 27 team members on two shifts process the Masonicare linens. And Dadlani recently added new equipment to the wash aisle – two 250-lb Continental Girbau washer extractors, one 150-lb Unimac washer extractor, and one 55-lb Milnor washer extractor.

The Diamond Chemical ALIS liquid injection system is used on the washers in conjunction with Wet-Tech’s ozone system.

The new equipment augments the laundry’s machinery which is still going strong – one 135-lb EDRO, two 85-lb Unimacs, and a 400-lb Braun washer extractor. Finishing the goods at the facility are two ADC 310 dryers, a 200-pound Lavatec steam dryer, a Lavatec 2-roll ironer and a Braun folder.

Dadlani is pleased that linen issues have been totally eliminated and ‘dingy’ linens are a thing of the past.

“Now, when someone walks into the laundry or sees the linen in our facility, they think it’s new,” he says. “But it’s not; it’s just cleaner and brighter than before