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DEL Clean Ozone Laundry Program

DEL Ozone, an innovative ozone technology is celebrating its 40th anniversary with over six million ozone systems sold worldwide. Its DEL Clean Ozone Laundry System allows for a significant reduction in energy, water and chemical use in commercial laundry facilities. Ozone technology represents an excellent opportunity to decrease utility costs, increase operational efficiency, and improve the life and quality of linens through environmentally aware antimicrobial practices.

DEL Ozone, an authority in ozone technology worldwide since 1975, offers a turn-key ozone program that will elevate the way you do laundry, providing a proven return on investment. The program offers on-premise laundry (OPL) operators in hotels, long-term care facilities, health clubs and other high volume commercial laundry operations guaranteed energy and cost savings. OPL operators have nothing to lose by installing a DEL Clean Ozone Laundry System, and a lot to gain.

DEL’s Clean Ozone Laundry System maximizes savings while maintaining or improving linen outcome with a typical return on investment of 18 to 24 months.  According to the company the system can reduce hot water usage up to 85%, reduce total water usage up to 20%, cut chemical usage 10%, extend linen life and kill bacteria and viruses more effectively.