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Water Energy is a manufacturer and distributor of advanced water treatment systems including Industry-Leading Ozone Laundry Systems and Water Recycling Systems. Water Energy specializes in proven high technology products that will save you money, improve your processes, reduce your burden on natural resources and move you a long way toward sustainability.

Water Energy was established in 1996 to enhance the conservation of scarce natural resources by developing application technology using advances in ozone technology made while working with NASA since the beginning of the Space Shuttle Program. Water Energy products and services are designed to assist industries in reducing their impact on the environment while improving their processes and saving them money. For example, Water Energy Ozone Laundry Systems can help hotels and hospitals save money by eliminating the need for hot water and most chemicals used to wash their dirty linen daily. Ozone Laundry Systems have a multitude of substantial benefits to offer even small laundry operations.

The Water Energy team of engineers and specialists can analyze your situation and develop a solution that will be effective, reliable and affordable. Water Energy offers turn-key services for the full range of products they sell.


Water Energy Technologies, Inc.
9741 Tappenbeck, Suite 1000
Houston, TX 77055
Phone: 713.464.2580
For more information visit their web site at: http://www.waterenergy.com
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