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Ozone Equipment Systems

  • ClearWater Tech’s Money Saving, Eco-friendly, EcoTex Laundry Solution

    SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif – Commercial laundry professionals can replace expensive multi-step wash programs that use excessive chemicals and hot water with a cold-water program for disinfection and detergent activation with EcoTex Advanced Laundry Solutions. EcoTex transforms cold water into a powerful cleaning agent by oxidizing the water, injecting a controlled amount of activated oxygen (ozone)

  • EDRO Corporation

    EAST BERLIN, Conn. — The EDRO Corporation designs and manufactures Industrial Strength DynaWash® washer-extractors, DynOzone – DynaWash® Ozone System, the M-SERIES tumbler dryers for U.S. Navy shipboard and submarine laundries, and the C-SERIES tumbler dryers for all types of On-Premise and Commercial & Industrial Laundries. EDRO is more than a machinery manufacturing company. While they

  • DEL Clean Ozone Laundry Program

    DEL Clean Ozone Laundry Program

    DEL Ozone, an innovative ozone technology is celebrating its 40th anniversary with over six million ozone systems sold worldwide. Its DEL Clean Ozone Laundry System allows for a significant reduction in energy, water and chemical use in commercial laundry facilities. Ozone technology represents an excellent opportunity to decrease utility costs, increase operational efficiency, and improve the life and

  • Hamilton Engineering’s High Efficiency Water Heaters

    Hamilton Engineering’s High Efficiency Water Heaters

    Hamilton Engineering’s 15-plus years of condensing water heating production have led to the next generation of high-efficiency water heaters, the company says. The newest addition to its line is the 3VO (pictured). Made in its Michigan plant, Hamilton Engineering’s water heaters range in capacity from 750,000 to 4 million Btu/hr. All 3VO models fit through a

  • Norchem’s UltraPure

    Norchem’s UltraPure

    Incorporated in 1989, Norchem is credited with pioneering the first cross-flow membrane filtration system for the industrial laundry market, according to the company. UltraPure™ is a chemical-free wastewater treatment and recycling technology that utilizes metal-oxide membrane elements with a wide center channel design, capable of filtering various types feed streams at high concentrations without plugging

  • Aquawing Ozone Disinfection Laundry Systems

    Aquawing Ozone Disinfection Laundry Systems

    Aquawing Ozone Disinfection Laundry Systems is pleased to announce that its customers have saved over 3.2 BILLION gallons of hot water, according to the company.  This milestone was achieved with Aquawing’s Seven patented process.  A global ozone laundry company. Aquawing achieves its goals by maintaining the highest level of reliability and technology with the support of the pre-eminent local

  • EconOzone Line Expanded

    EconOzone Line Expanded

    VERSAILLES, Ky — ArtiClean announces the expansion of the EconOzone line to better serve most laundries. The EconOzone was designed for easy installation, less than 3 hours in most applications, safety, only the correct amount of ozone is metered to each washer and cost, both the EconOzone and EconOzone Lite models are the most cost


    Water Energy is a manufacturer and distributor of advanced water treatment systems including Industry-Leading Ozone Laundry Systems and Water Recycling Systems. Water Energy specializes in proven high technology products that will save you money, improve your processes, reduce your burden on natural resources and move you a long way toward sustainability. Water Energy was established