Leonard Laundry

EconOzone Line Expanded

VERSAILLES, Ky — ArtiClean announces the expansion of the EconOzone line to better serve most laundries. The EconOzone was designed for easy installation, less than 3 hours in most applications, safety, only the correct amount of ozone is metered to each washer and cost, both the EconOzone and EconOzone Lite models are the most cost effective on the market.

The EconOzone uses a Plasmatics ozone generator that will meter the correct amount of ozone to each washer. That way we can use one ozone generator with multiple outputs, which saves money for the customer. The EconOzone Lite uses a tried and true corona discharge ozone generator, with a generator dedicated per washer, not split with a tee. All EconOzone models use oxygen as a feed gas-never room air. Oxygen will make more concentrated ozone and will allow the ozone generators to last much longer.

ArtiClean uses wall mounted venture mixing manifolds that use backflow preventers, flow switches and a properly sized industrial water valve. All of this is mounted on an attractive waterproof plastic board.

ArtiClean has 5 distinct and different ozone laundry systems designed to give the optimum performance in your laundry. No matter what size it is. Local factory trained distributors are there for your service needs.