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Aquawing Ozone Disinfection Laundry Systems

Aquawing Ozone Disinfection Laundry Systems is pleased to announce that its customers have saved over 3.2 BILLION gallons of hot water, according to the company.  This milestone was achieved with Aquawing’s Seven patented process.  A global ozone laundry company. Aquawing achieves its goals by maintaining the highest level of reliability and technology with the support of the pre-eminent local distributor network.

· 90% + Savings on hot water: Because ozone works best in cold water, hot water consumption is reduced. Savings can be as high as 90%+, lowering bills while being more ecological.

· 40% + Total water savings: As much as 40%+ savings can be seen on total water because ozone relaxes fabrics creating a more efficient process.

· Clinically validated to kill superbugs like MRSA & C. diff, etc.: Aquawing is clinically validated to kill superbugs.

· Patented variable ozone: Truly a difference maker, variable ozone automatically delivers custom amounts of ozone determined by the soil in the load.

· Patented validated ozone (VO3): VO3 validates ozone in the wash wheel. Simply knowing the ozone system is on is not enough. How much ozone is in the washer? Is it the correct amount? VO3 certifies that products are disinfected, clean and safe for clients on every wash.