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Hamilton Engineering’s High Efficiency Water Heaters

Hamilton Engineering’s 15-plus years of condensing water heating production have led to the next generation of high-efficiency water heaters, the company says. The newest addition to its line is the 3VO (pictured).

Made in its Michigan plant, Hamilton Engineering’s water heaters range in capacity from 750,000 to 4 million Btu/hr. All 3VO models fit through a 36-inch doorway.

It offers fully assembled packages, providing single-point utility connections on systems with up to eight appliances (as much as 32 million Btu/hr). Category IV common venting is available using the company’s proprietary non-return valve and operating software, which Hamilton says is proven with more than 25,000 installations of its EVO™ product.

Other machine features include a fully serviceable heat exchanger, with removable heads and straight tubes that are individually cleanable and replaceable; service access from front and rear, with zero clearance required on the sides; and a pressure drop that Hamilton says is the industry’s lowest in any water-tube product, and lower than the majority of fire-tube products.

Controls are Hamilton’s own HOT™ (Heating Optimization Technology), providing full remote access for both observation and control. Systems ship from factory fully configured, the company says, and no additional programming is required during system start-up.