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Underpads Needed for 501(c)3

Linens For Animals (LFA) is turning laundry facilities ‘green’ across the country.  They are requesting donations of underpads that usually end up in the dump to help animal shelters and rescues.

LFA has acquired and redistributed over 5 million pounds of linens including blankets, towels, sheets, etc. to thousands of rescues and shelters nationwide.  They have been providing comfort to animals in need with these donated linens for over 17 years.

Director Lori Birdsong has recently opened a new linen distribution site in Jacksonville, Florida. They are in need of linens for distribution throughout Florida and the surrounding states.

Currently, over twenty-three states are being served by the contributed linens at their main hub in Texas.

So please don’t rag out your old pads – get a non-profit tax deduction for donating them to Linens For Animals and support their efforts to provide comfort to animals in need.

For more information about the organization visit their website:  Linens For Animals 

Contact Lori Birdsong for more information at 310-721-3933 or Lori@LinensForAnimals.org