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Lisa Thrasher joins LAVATEC


Lisa Thrasher has joined the LAVATEC team as the Parts & Client Services Coordinator. Based in Austin, Texas, she works with members of the company’s parts department to streamline processes and update technology. She reports to company president Mark Thrasher.

Lisa has worked for a financial services firm and a marketing company since graduating from Roger Williams University with an International Business degree in 2020. She spent the last three years as an Advertising Account Manager at Pushnami, which set the stage for her to join LAVATEC.

“I chose to study international business because I was interested in the work my dad is doing. I always knew I would work at LAVATEC, but I made a point to gain experience from other jobs first so I could learn and use that knowledge here,” she said.

“My time at Pushnami was valuable since it greatly influenced me about technology. The landscape of a tech start-up is so different compared to a traditional corporation like LAVATEC. It really helped me see how technology and software can help the day-to-day work life with organization and the creation of proper processes. Things ran smoothly and it allowed us to keep a heavy scope on all the metrics we needed to be successful.”

Those skills are influencing her on some of the goals she wants to accomplish this year.

“I hope to be a large asset to the company. The people here have years of such valuable experience and hands-on knowledge, so I consider myself lucky to be learning the business from the best,” Lisa acknowledged. “One thing that interested me about this job was being able to work with my family. I don’t believe it’s an experience many people have anymore and I love being able to do it. I have some new ideas to bring to the table, and I am excited to see how this next year will play out.”

When she is not on the job, there are two things Lisa devotes time to. She loves to cook and trying new recipes, keeping notes on potential new meals to try as a fun and creative outlet. Living in Austin, she is often outdoors taking advantage of the warm weather with long walks or visiting local parks.