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Maxi-Movers Launches Quick Ship Program



Maxi-Movers by Chem-tainer manufactures a wide variety of rugged trucks and carts designed to move and store materials safely and easily in the laundry, material handling and recycling industries.

To meet customer demand, Maxi-Movers is pleased to announce the Quick Ship Program to ensure faster delivery of some of their most popular products. This program will allow select products to ship from inventory to customers in 2 to 3 business days. Maxi-Movers products included in this program are M7090 Bulk Delivery Truck, M5016 Bushel Truck, K5112 Bushel Truck, and Sorting Table (M4896ST). Quantities are limited since orders are filled as requests come in. More products could also be added in the future.

“We have found that many customers have an immediate need for Maxi-Movers’ carts and trucks. Waiting for products to arrive is sometimes not an option. Our Quick Ship program is a great offering to make sure we get some of the most sought after products in the industry into the hands of our customers when and where they need them,” says Dan Rodriguez, Director of Sales and Marketing at Tank Holding.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Maxi-Movers 

To find your salesman go here.  Or call 800-275-2436 for more information on ordering.