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Maytag(R) Commercial Laundry Honors Robert Small

Robert Small

Robert Small

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. — Maytag(R) Commercial Laundry is pleased to recognize Robert Small, senior manager of global commercial customer relations, for 25 years of dedicated service.

“Team members like Robert give our service department its well-deserved reputation. He works tirelessly to meet and exceed customer expectations, while helping to expand our business,” said Kevin Steinbraker, senior marketing manager and product business team lead at Maytag(R) Commercial Laundry.

Since starting at Whirlpool Corporation in 1990, Small has played an integral part in many of the company’s industry-leading efforts. As his role progressed over the years, Small earned many responsibilities that helped mold him into the well-rounded, skillful leader he is today—one his coworkers look up to. When asked about what motivates him after two and a half decades of service, Small said that his zeal and drive for the industry are direct results of the unique relationships he’s developed with customers, according to the company.

“I am consistently motivated by helping customers and am always looking to improve the way Maytag(R) Commercial Laundry provides service,” Small said. “I hope in the future, we continue to learn from our customers and listen closely to what they are asking for regarding sales, service and support.”

Maytag(R) Commercial Laundry applauds Small for his long-standing commitment, future efforts and passion to continually improve the industry.