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Meese and Dura-Cast Move Forward Together: Clean Show 2022

“I’m excited to announce that Tank Holding Corp will be expanding Meese’s offering with the addition of Dura-Cast,” says Dan Rodriguez, National Sales Manager.  “We view this as a tremendous opportunity to enhance Meese’s offering to our laundry customers at a national level with Dura-Cast’s unique and innovative products.  By bringing both brands together, we are truly in a best of both worlds scenario.” 

Understanding the challenges of doing business today, Meese/Dura-Cast utilizes numerous manufacturing facilities across the US to provide customers with the best product options from both brands to meet specific customer needs while maximizing FOB shipping locations across the country.   

“This is a growth opportunity for both brands.  Our collective customers will have access to more product options and FOB locations than ever before,” says Rodriguez. “The Meese Sales team will be the contacts for the new Meese/Dura-Cast brand on a national level to provide our customers with the level of service they have come to expect from both brands.”  

In addition to the formal announcement of the brand merger, those who visit the booth will have the opportunity to see and be hands-on with innovative products from both companies including Dura-Cast’s Linen Master 48 and innovative, ergonomic Meese products like the 72 ERGO Bulk-Trux, 102P Shelf-Trux, 72N Bulk-Trux, and the P319 Utility-Trux.     

“We’re going to be highlighting the newest and most innovative products that make laundry processes safer and more efficient. From sorting and processing to delivery and storage,” says Rodriguez.    


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