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Meese Increases 72S Manufacturing Locations


Meese announced that the premium 72S Bulk-Trux, a popular customer facing hospitality focused laundry cart, will now be manufactured at multiple facilities nationwide.

Until recently, Meese’s 72S Bulk-Trux was only produced in Madison, Indiana. But due to its increasing popularity, it is now being produced in 2 additional locations — on the West coast in Chino, California, and on the East coast in Lake Wales, Florida. These additional locations will increase the availability of the 72S while making it more affordable to ship.

The 72S was created as an upgraded version of the ever-popular 72P, engineered with enhanced strength, durability, security and ergonomic benefits along with a more sophisticated and contemporary design, making it perfect for use in public facing locations like high end hotels, resorts, health clubs and restaurants.

Many customers also add 4 color logos or graphics to transform the cart from a simple delivery tool to a high-end marketing and branding asset.  An optional hinged, lockable security lid and door can be added for extra security.

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