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Miele Octoplus 20 lbs. Tumble Dryer – PT 7186

Miele Octoplus 20 lbs. Tumble Dryer – PT 7186

Moisture Sensors

Residual moisture sensors detect when textiles have reached their desired moisture level and turn the dryer off to eliminate wasted energy. These sensors are so precise that dry cleaners use them for designer garments that would normally be dry cleaned. Textiles can be dried completely, or enough moisture can be allowed to remain to enable direct ironing.


Recycling Air

Miele’s large laundry solutions feature a unique air recycling system, with 60% of the hot air recycled, speeding up drying time and greatly reducing energy consumption.


·         16 basic programs and 22 target-group programs
·         Octoblue powder-coated finish
·         Vented System: 4”
·         Load capacity: 20 lbs.
·         Drum: 6.4 cu. ft./180 liter
·         40.2” H x 27.6” W x 30.1” D
·         Depth with door open: 50”
·         2 AC (2-pole) 208V 60Hz, 2-pole 30 A
·         2 AC (2-pole) 240V 60 Hz, 2-pole 30 A


For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Miele