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New Board and Presidents of Expo Detergo and AIFL

by Marzio Nava

A new Board of Directors has been elected for Expo Detergo Srl (the owner of the Expo Detergo trade show) and AIFL association (Associazione Italiana Fornitori Lavanderie). The new elected President of Expo Detergo is Livio Bassan, and for AIFL, Paolo Cartabbia.

Livio Bassan

Livio Bassan

Every four years, the boards of AIFL and Expo Detergo are renewed. Bassan will be joined by the Board of Directors: Paolo Fumagalli, Roberto Littamè, Felice Mapelli, Cristina Salvati, Luca Rappini, Giancarlo Vezzoli, Matteo Gerosa, Alessandro Rolli, Claudio Montanari and Carlo Miotto. A good mix of experienced people, with younger members who will bring vitality and new impetus to the Association.

Cartabbia, the new president of AIFL, will be entitled to attend all meetings, supported by the four Vice-Presidents of AIFL, each one belonging to a strategic market sector of the association: professional ironing, machinery, textiles and spare parts – logistics, and detergents.

There has been a cultivation of the idea of setting common goals between the Association and Expo Detergo, a common working method that can guarantee the accomplishment of all targeted goals.

The Board of Directors, at the proposal of President Bassan, has entrusted Roberto Littamè and Paolo Fumagalli with special duties. Paolo Fumagalli, the owner of PONY SpA, will be in charge of Detergo Magazine and Roberto Littamè, the Manager of Tessiltorre, will be in charge of the promotion and activities of EXPOdetergo International for the next edition scheduled for October 2026.

Paolo Cartabbia

Paolo Cartabbia

The two new Presidents, Livio Bassan and Paolo Cartabbia, were quoted in an interview as saying,  “First of all, we must respectfully thank the previous administration of AIFL, under the presidency of Giuseppe Conti, and of Expo Detergo, under the presidency of Marco Sancassani, for having successfully accomplished an excellent job in a particularly complicated and uncertain period; we would also like to express our gratitude to all the members who offered us their full trust in the Assembly.

Our main goal will be to exploit at maximum all the available instruments, in particular, the Detergo Communication System and the EXPOdetergo International trade fair as an attraction point for the international dynamics of the entire textile care sector.

The primary goal is to support and sustain all the companies that operate in our market and particularly our associated companies. We think that a cautious and pragmatic management would be needed, in the direction of a stronger boost towards the internationalisation of the trade fair and the technical communication of the sector, looking forward to a collaboration with some other international players like Texcare, for example,”  they concluded.