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New LAVATEC Extraction Press Introduced at Clean

LAVATEC unveiled new energy efficient equipment at The Clean Show in Atlanta, and the response from attendees during and after the show has been overwhelmingly positive, according to a news release.  Company President Mark Thrasher says reactions to the LAVACascade drying system were highly favorable, and interest in the massive LAVAPress ULTRA 597S 60-bar extraction press exceeded expectations.

“I thought it was a fantastic turnout, especially the crowds over the weekend and on Monday. The majority of the time, we had people inspecting the new equipment and our popular tunnel washers and dryers,” he said.

“The people who expressed interest in LAVACascade and ULTRA asked the right questions. We also sold half of the equipment in our booth. To me, it means we are on the right track by designing machines that focus on energy conservation and maximize plant efficiency to meet today’s and future needs.”

The 16-foot tall, 28-ton ULTRA extraction press made quite an impression. It places an emphasis on improving workflow and conserving water resources by processing more linen with up to 265-pound loads, while using up to 60-bars of pressure. The press also has the capability to reduce cycle time by as much as 50% before moving to a dryer.

LAVATEC had a full team of management, sales representatives and support personnel attend The Clean Show.

“Our team spent a good portion of time showing and explaining how heated water leaves the oil cooling system so it can be recycled into the tunnel wash system. That tells me those people had done their homework in advance,” said Thrasher. “When they saw the stainless steel drainage plate under the conveyor belt, they had a better understanding how it increases extra water removal before the load travels to the dryer. Recouping that wastewater is a huge benefit for additional savings.”

Booth visitors got their first look at a simulation of the three-tier LAVACascade drying system. It offers significant environmental and productivity benefits, led by a unique waste heat recovery system that results in energy savings up to 70% when compared to a standard dryer.

“Recovering waste heat is part of the domino effect with this machine,” explained Thrasher. “First, it reduces your processing time. Linen throughput is increased with less wear and tear, and you will also experience reduced downtime. Since less gas is needed when you decrease the cycle time by 30%, the amount of CO2 emissions is significantly lowered.”

Customers from California and Colorado were in the booth inspecting their new equipment. Officials with Emerald Textiles and a hotel property invested in tunnel wash systems that will be installed by the end of the year.

Jim Slatcher, LAVATEC’s western regional sales manager, confirmed Emerald Textiles selected a LT100, 12-compartment tunnel washer with 220-pound capacity for their facility in Colton, Calif. It is similar to the one they placed in their plant in Commerce, Calif., that has been in operation since October 2021. He indicated a new LT60 10-compartment bottom transfer tunnel washer is expected to begin installation at the hotel in early October.

“In addition to the tunnel washer, that customer also purchased separate loading and discharge conveyors, an LP572 extraction press and a rail modification system,” said Slatcher. “In December they will install three of our TT746 gas dryers, each with 292-pound capacity.”

“We left Atlanta with a lot of leads and the pace hasn’t really slowed. We’ve had many advanced discussions with prospects and are hopeful that some will come to fruition later this year.”

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LAVATEC president Mark Thrasher said the new ULTRA extraction press was the topic of many conversations at The Clean Show.


For more information, visit the company’s web site:  LAVATEC