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Norchem’s NoRFLOW-WIN

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The NoRFLOW-WIN® system designed and manufactured by Norchem is a fully automated chemical delivery system for commercial laundry applications. The pumping technology replaces peristaltic and diaphragm pumps with electric self-priming positive displacement pumps along with all stainless steel valves and delivery lines.

Norchem pioneered the design in the early 1990’s to optimize injection precision and consistency by eliminating day tanks, providing operators with proof of delivery, minimizing risk of chemical leaks, and improving the health and safety of the work environment. The entire system is milled from 100% corrosion resistant stainless steel for long lasting durability. The latest software and hardware provide custom reporting, real-time touchscreen display of wash floor, chemical usage, and much more.

Norchem offers the NorFlow-Win G3 for conventional washers and the NorFlow-Win G4 for tunnel washers. They pair their injection system with their wash chemical programs to be a washroom chemical source from start to finish.

Norchem’s chemical programs are formulated with three aspects of production in mind: fabric longevity, utility conservation, and most importantly, product quality. With a new generation chemical lines, they have achieved a pH neutral wash cycle for all hospitality and healthcare applications. Furthermore, they have achieved a significant reduction in alkali usage for FOG and industrial applications.  They took this approach because alkaline hydrolysis has been proven to be a major factor in fabric damage. Immediate benefits garnered by their approach include less lint production, no pH adjustment to sewer, abated need for sour, and shorter formula times.