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Providing Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment From Wash to Finish

Braun manufactures a wide variety of dryers as stand-alone machines or as part of a fully automated open pocket system and batch tunnel washer system. Braun laundry equipment is used worldwide; in hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, commercial and industrial laundries, and in government and correctional facilities.

Braun PT (Pass Thru) dryers are available in capacities of 300, 500 and 700 lbs., and deliver years of dependable, productive service. The PT series dryers are available with a patent pending chute loading system. An optional low-ceiling, roll-up door for low clearance installations is also available on all PT series dryers.

Braun SmoothFlow® 300 PBS series dryers are designed specifically for a batch tunnel washer system. They are available in a true side-by-side chute load and non-chute load configuration.

As a U.S. based manufacturer, our customers enjoy easy access to replacement parts. All Braun parts are domestically sourced and supplied with an impressive on-time delivery average of 98.6%!

For detailed information on Braun dryers visit the company’s web site: http://products.gabraun.com/#product-categories/dryers


G.A. Braun, Inc.
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Phone:  (315) 475-3123 • (800) 432-7286

For more information visit the company’s web site: www.gabraun.com

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