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Sea-lion’s Futuristic  Manufacturing Technology

Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd. is the oldest industrial laundry manufacturing facility in China –with the newest technology.

Aiming for consistent perfection, in 2018 Sea-lion began using robotic welders in their manufacturing facility.  Today, there are a dozen robotic welding cells working in the intelligent welding robot workshop housed in Sea-lion’s 166,000㎡ (1,257,200 sq. ft. building area) Jiangsu factory campus.

The Kawasaki robots from Japan and Kuka robots from Germany weld approximately 45 pieces an hour which has increased factory production by more than 40% and decreased personnel by 50%. Current plans are to add three more cells of robot welding equipment to meet increasing sales.

Robot welders work on the inner and outer drums, sprockets and other core components of tunnel washers; the inner and outer drums, door flange and water drain valve assembly of washer extractors; and the transmission and wall panel components of finishing line machines.

In addition to the intelligent welding robot workshop, Sea-lion’s factory campus boasts an impressive, vertically integrated engineering and production facility outfitted with the latest manufacturing technologies including CNC flame and laser cutters, automated electrostatic painting systems and CAD Engineering for all equipment.

With Sea-lion, the future is now. See the robots in action below.