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B&C Tech Honors Top Distributors and Unveils New Equipiment

Panama City, FL – B&C Technologies, a leader in innovative laundry equipment, recently celebrated the achievements of its top distributors during their annual distributor meeting held at the company’s headquarters. The event not only recognized excellence in distribution but also marked the debut of B&C’s highly anticipated new line of HX washers.

During the prestigious gathering, B&C Technologies proudly announced the winners of the top distributor awards for the year 2023. The accolade of the number one distributor went to Laundry Systems of the Carolinas, followed by E. Weinberg second and Image Distributors Canada at number 3. These distinguished distributors’ efforts have been crucial in expanding B&C’s market presence across various regions.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of the President’s Legacy Award, an honor bestowed upon long-standing partners who have significantly contributed to the company’s success. This year’s recipients include Laundry Systems of the Carolinas from Spartanburg, SC, E. Weinberg Supply Company in Minneapolis, MN, Image Distributors Canada in Calgary, AB, and Washex Machinery Company in Burbank, CA. These distributors have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence and have been instrumental in B&C Technologies’ sustained growth.

Amid the accolades, B&C Technologies also took the opportunity to showcase their innovative new product line to the gathered distributors. The new HX washers are cutting-edge hard mount machines designed to cater to a wide range of laundry needs. With a capacity ranging from 22 to 110 pounds and available configurations in coin and OPL with 200 and 400 g force options, the HX series sets a new standard in laundry efficiency and performance. Also unveiled were stack dryers, in 2×35 and 2×50 configurations.

“B&C Technologies is proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of our top distributors and is excited to introduce the HX line, which represents the pinnacle of laundry machine innovation,” said Al Adcock, VP of Sales and Marketing of B&C Technologies. “Our partners are the backbone of our business, and with these new products, we are set to revolutionize the market, providing unparalleled solutions that meet our customers’ diverse needs.”

The distributor meeting not only reinforced B&C Technologies’ commitment to its partners but also underscored the family owned company’s role as a pioneer in the laundry equipment industry. With the launch of the new HX washers and the continued support of its distinguished distributors, B&C is poised for another successful year ahead.

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