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Softrol Utility Tracking – Info to Help Your Bottom Line 

By Dave Smith, VP Sales & Marketing, Softrol Systems, Inc. 

It’s a new year and there is no better time to take steps that will help your bottom line by tracking information to help you understand your facility’s utility usage.     

Softrol created its laundry utility tracking product UtiliPulse to make it easier for customers to track and monitor any number of specific utility metering points or plant operating parameters in real-time to improve the plant management process. 

The user-friendly interface displays varied information that can be configured for what is most important to you. The customer may then determine how monitoring this information can lead to improved plant performance. Software tools within the UtiliPulse system are used to analyze any information the system has captured. As a result, the information is much more actionable and therefore more useful.

What Information Is Useful for Better Plant Management? 

Softrol’s UtiliPulse plant and utility monitoring package monitors a number of customized utility metering points to track consumption. There is a wide variety of information that can be monitored, tracked and reported on, including consumption of water, natural gas and electricity. Further, temperatures and flows can be metered and tracked for things like heat reclamation systems, washer/extractor and boiler stack temperatures and wastewater discharge. 

The customer determines what information is most useful to them. However, there are some types of information that are generally useful when the objective is better plant management. Some of this information includes:

  • Boiler stack gas temperature
  • Gas meters on individual dryers
  • Water meters on individual washers
  • Total electrical consumption
  • Total water consumption
  • Total hot water consumption and temperature
  • Total wastewater discharged
  • Total tempered water consumption and temperature


A properly deployed UtiliPulse system can provide all this information and more. This solution from Softrol simplifies better plant management by making waste and inefficiency easier to spot.

What Are Some Features of the UtiliPulse System? 

The UtiliPulse system provides plenty of useful information while including excellent features. UtiliPulse is an open system, meaning that you can add new data channels later on, if needed. Some metering points may include the following:

  • Easy wiring to screw terminal block
  • Any combination of digital or analog inputs
  • 110/220 volt, 40-watt power supply
  • Setpoint and excursion alarms
  • Low and high-frequency inputs


Softrol’s UtiliPulse System Offers More Comprehensive Laundry Utility Tracking 

The UtiliPulse system is a winning solution for laundry utility tracking. With the UtiliPulse system, you receive various kinds of useful information that can help achieve better plant management, with a variety of excellent features. The UtiliPulse system is worth the investment due to the benefits it provides. 

For more information about the UtiliPulse utility tracking system or any of Softrol’s process control, material handling or reporting solutions, visit the company’s web site:  SOFTROL


About the Author: 

Dave Smith, VP Sales & Marketing, Softrol Systems, Inc. brings over 35-years of industry experience gained from promoting industrial laundry equipment with a focus on customer needs and after-sales support.  Smith worked over 20-years as an inside sales rep and product specialist, and over 15-years as outside sales rep and marketing leader. Additionally, he spent several years consulting with large laundries that were interested in improving their wash aisle dry processes.   Smith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a Computer Science minor. His work with sales and marketing includes brand campaign development and new product initiatives, as well as, providing our sales team with strategic direction and insights.