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Sustainability and the Future of the Laundry Industry

By Paulo Rocha, Head of Sales, HCS Business Unit at Miele Professional U.S.

The laundry care industry is changing – trying to keep up with the evolving needs and priorities of users. One of these priorities is a focus and consciousness on the environment and conservation of the planet’s resources. This trend will continue and will present itself in the equipment and practices of manufacturers and operators.

The wet cleaning system is the more sustainable and efficient way to clean your customer’s ‘dry clean only’ clothing. It is a process that uses water and eco-friendly soaps to clean clothing and textiles. It is energy efficient and uses less water than traditional laundry and results in a reduced carbon footprint. It also has superior results for delicate and difficult-to-clean textiles. Garments fade less, feel softer, look more vibrant and last longer. Wet cleaning removes almost any stain (90% of stains are water soluble), and users can save time by not having to go through typical processes like pre-spotting. Production is also much faster than the traditional dry cleaning process, resulting in large scale savings.

Wet cleaning relies on a small amount of water, combined with specialized detergent, to safely clean garments that previously could only be cleaned through dry cleaning. With the Miele Professional WetCare system, you can wash almost any type of textile, even those that are extremely delicate, without any damage to the fabric’s integrity. The programs, combined with Miele’s exclusive Honeycomb™ drum, will not only clean but extend the life of the garments.

“There is certainly a trend to move to wet cleaning, and it’s growing throughout the country,” said Paulo Rocha, Head of Sales, HCS Business Unit, Miele Professional U.S. “I’ve noticed that most of the finishing equipment manufacturers are also changing their technology and practices to better embrace wet cleaning, whereas they have historically been dedicated to finishing processes that best fit the dry-cleaning process.”

Miele Professional is dedicated to producing the best possible products in a variety of industries, in this case, providing sustainable solutions for laundry through wet cleaning. Miele products are manufactured with recyclable materials whenever possible and use resource-friendly procedures and environmentally compatible tools during production. And importantly, the long service life of all Miele machines represents the conservation of valuable raw materials.

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