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Swedish Textile Service Assoc. Sustainability Award

The Swedish Textile Service Association in cooperation with Ecolab draws attention to far-reaching work to extend the life of textiles. This year’s Sustainability Award in the Textile Service Industry goes to Anders Thorgaard, entrepreneur, visionary and owner of the laundry and textile service group DFD/Textilia, according to a news release from the Swedish Textile Service Association.

Anders Thorgaard has taken the initiative to be able to upcycle textiles into new products on an industrial scale instead of burning or throwing away discarded textiles. This saves the environment. The concept, which goes by the name upcy, means that discarded textiles become raw material in new designed products, such as old duvets becoming new trendy jackets and worn-out tablecloths from gourmet restaurants becoming excellent chef’s coats. Customers can order and take the upcycled textiles into their businesses and contribute to a circular economy.

Longer life, lower impact

Textiles are a must for society to function. Just look at the needs that exist in healthcare, hotels and restaurants as well as in work clothes and entrance mats, areas where our members are active and contribute skills and products. At the same time, the production of textiles is a big burden from a sustainability perspective. By extending the life of the material, every textile becomes a pure profit for the environment, says Jan Kluge, chairman of The Swedish Textile Service Association.

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Image:  By Gerd Altmann via Pixabay.