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  • Tyler Reflects on Coronavirus

    Tyler Reflects on Coronavirus

    By Ken Tyler, Laundry Consultant I recall my father who was on the USS Enterprise when Pearl Harbor was attacked.  He told me we were attacked by surprise and were just not prepared and you could blame many “but to no resolve,” so give that a rest. “History will be the truth teller.” Based on

  • EDRO Covid-19 Statement

    EDRO Covid-19 Statement

    The management team at The EDRO Corporation wishes to inform everyone that following Connecticut Governor Lamont’s recent press conference concerning business closures in the State of Connecticut, EDRO is considered an essential business as it provides products and services to the United States Department of Defense. Therefore, EDRO will continue to operate under normal business

  • Milnor Coronavirus Statement

    Milnor Coronavirus Statement

    Pellerin Milnor Corp. is committed to following the precautions outlined by the CDC for the well-being of our employees. Should we be required to implement our business continuity procedures due to external influences, employees will be positioned to support parts and service support so that laundries can continue their operations, provided truck and delivery services continue

  • Share COVID-19 Experiences

    Share COVID-19 Experiences

    By now we’re all aware of COVID-19 and the hazards it presents. We should all be practicing social distancing, hand washing (20 seconds), not touching our face, coughing into a tissue (and disposing it), and staying home if we show any symptoms of the virus. Various local governments have decided to confine the public to

  • ALM Coronavirus Statement and Healthcare Laundry Resources

    ALM Coronavirus Statement and Healthcare Laundry Resources

    Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is caused by a novel (new) coronavirus, first detected in China and now present in the United States. Because this is a new virus, much is unknown. However, to provide protection for workers and hygienically clean textiles for customers, we must implement what we know about the spread of infection while

  • Monarch Brands Ramps Up Production

    Monarch Brands Ramps Up Production

    COVID-19 has elevated the need for cleaning supplies, and many suppliers are running out of stock or engaging in price-gauging practices. In times of national emergency and disaster, Monarch Brands has traditionally ramped up production and logistics without raising prices. Recently deployed automation features and a split shift workforce ensures that Monarch Brands continues to

  • Braun Coronavirus Update

    Braun Coronavirus Update

    Please be informed that in respect of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Braun’s current assessment is as follows: As of this writing Braun has had no supply interruptions as a result of the virus and we feel confident in our ability to continue to manufacture products. In most cases Braun has multiple approved sources for components



    Management at LAVATEC wants to reassure its customers that a process is in place to continue with business as normal as possible during the worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus situation. “The past few weeks have been challenging for everyone as we find ourselves in unchartered territory. Based on the latest information issued by the CDC and the

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic

    The COVID-19 Pandemic

    The widespread pandemic caused by COVID-19 is impacting each and every one of us daily. For the latest on this fluid, evolving situation, the CDC is regularly updating information including the total number of cases reported, fatalities and disease locations:  Here. But you can do your part in slowing transmission of this global disease: Wash

  • The Coronavirus

    The Coronavirus

    With the rise and spread of the Coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Health Organization (WHO) are closely monitoring the outbreak which was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Provence, China.  Although there are thousands of confirmed cases in China, additional cases have been identified in a growing number