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  • ARTA Publishes NOVO Health Services Case Study

    ARTA Publishes NOVO Health Services Case Study

    Atlanta-based healthcare linen management company NOVO Health Services saved its regional healthcare system client 53% of its costs through a full conversion from disposable to reusable Level 2 isolation gowns in mid-2020. Karl Fillip, CEO Emeritus of NOVO, used the provider’s actual adjusted patient day (APD) data and expenses for disposable gowns for the first

  • ARTA’s Industry Expert Series

    ARTA’s Industry Expert Series

    ARTA’s 2021 Virtual Speaker Series presents a group of world-class industry experts who will help your organization navigate the new landscape, maintain clients, and convert new ones. The series includes four sessions with data and information you use to help make the case for reusable textiles. The cost is $100 for ARTA member companies (all

  • ARTA’s 2019 Board

    ARTA’s 2019 Board

    Members of The American Reusable Textile Association (ARTA) voted earlier in the year to expand the number of directors serving the board from five to seven. ARTA’s President Brendan O’Neill has announced the two new directors — Daniel Gelac of Kannegiesser (returning) and Jerry Martin of Prudential Overall Supply and Prudential Cleanroom Services. Gelac of Kannegiesser Canada, Inc., is a healthcare laundry