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ARTA Publishes NOVO Health Services Case Study

Atlanta-based healthcare linen management company NOVO Health Services saved its regional healthcare system client 53% of its costs through a full conversion from disposable to reusable Level 2 isolation gowns in mid-2020. Karl Fillip, CEO Emeritus of NOVO, used the provider’s actual adjusted patient day (APD) data and expenses for disposable gowns for the first half of the year compared to the cost per use of the new gowns, based on 70 washes, during the second half.

The hospital system’s vice president of vice president of supply chain and facility management said of the conversion. “We have found that converting to reusable isolation gowns has improved our bottom line,” the official said. “Reusable isolation gowns cost less than disposable ones, but the real savings comes in reducing labor and waste-stream costs. Less trash means less labor collecting trash.”

The NOVO Health Services Case Study recently published by ARTA can be read here.