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The Transformation of Cintas Recycled Uniforms

What’s old is new again with recycled uniforms making their way into Honda vehicles.

Cintas Corporation recently collaborated with Honda to help give new life to end-of-life rental uniforms worn by Honda associates at their U.S. manufacturing and research and development facilities, according to a recent news release.

The end-of-life uniforms were turned into special shredded fibers that were used in sound-absorbing insulation in Honda and Acura automobiles.

Cintas’ involvement in Honda’s program reinforced the company’s ambition to identify new ways to extend the usable life of its products and create circular economies when possible.

“Partnering with Honda on a program like this exemplifies our goal of leading A Shared Drive for Better,” said Christy Nageleisen, Vice President of Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) at Cintas. “We were excited to help find new uses for our end-of-life workwear products.”

“This project was a unique way to take advantage of a process we already have in place: shredding fibers from end-of-life products for use in new ways,” said Bryan Colpo, Cintas Director of Merchandising. “We were presented with this opportunity with Honda and were able to create fiber that met their needs. It created a great way for Cintas to add value to this important relationship.”

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