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Three New Faces at Jensen

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JENSEN recently added three new team members.

Kurt Smith: Product Specialist

Kurt Smith is JENSEN’s new Product Specialist for Batch Systems. With over three decades of experience working on the chemical side of our industry, his in-depth product knowledge will prove an asset to laundries trying to understand their washing systems with a more holistic and dynamic perspective.



Tim Blecher: Project Manager

Tim Blecher joins the JENSEN team as a project manager. With extensive experience working with laundry owner-operators, he understands the challenges faced by customers when making an important expansion or upgrade. A larger project management team allows for greater attention on each project, ensuring the proper attention requires for a smooth installation and start up.


Justin Bennett: Automation Product Specialist

The next wave of automation is changing the laundry industry in previously unimaginable ways. To help laundry managers in the North American market navigate these changes and capitalize on this opportunity, JENSEN has hired a new Automation Product Specialist, Justin Bennett. Justin has years of B2B experience in a variety of industries.