Tips For Improving Employee Apparel Programs

From health care facilities to hospitality businesses to large corporations to industrial work environments, employee uniforms play an important role in branding, team unity, customer service and even safety for a variety of organizations. With this in mind, Mission Linen Supply a provider of linens, uniforms, laundry services and supplies, offers the following tips for getting the most out of employee apparel programs.


When selecting uniforms, there are numerous factors to consider, including color, style, durability, comfort, price and any unique requirements of the particular work environment. To ensure you find the best uniforms for your organization, take the time to carefully vet products from a variety of brands. You may also benefit from enlisting the guidance of a uniform provider that is already familiar with apparel manufacturers for your industry.


While it may be tempting to try to get by with only one or two uniform sizes, apparel that fits well is better for employee morale. Ill-fitting uniforms also look unprofessional, and in some cases, can even be detrimental to safety. If you are concerned about storing extra uniforms of various sizes, keep in mind that some uniform providers will sign agreements to keep specific products in stock for fast delivery, so you can guarantee you’ll have the sizes you need when you need them without having to store the apparel on-site.


Adding custom embroidery or silkscreen designs to your uniforms is a great way to reinforce your brand and support your marketing efforts. From a simple logo on a sleeve to an eye-catching design advertising a company slogan, seasonal promotion or upcoming event, the opportunities are endless.


Working with your uniform provider to create a personalized online store is one of the best ways to streamline your ordering process. These stores feature only the products you select in advance, including any special customizations. This allows designated employees to visit the store and conveniently order preapproved uniforms, within set budgets, helping to control uniform costs and ensure all staff members have the correct apparel at all times.


Once you have an effective uniform program in place, don’t let it stagnate. Monitoring apparel trends and updating your uniforms as necessary helps to boost employee satisfaction and prevents your organization from looking outdated. In addition, if you have an online store, be sure to regularly evaluate the data and insights it provides and use this information to modify and improve your program over time.