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TRSA Launches Campaign Highlighting “Astonishing Behind-the-Scenes Industry” 

TRSA, the association for linen, uniform and facility services providers, launched a video campaign to highlight the critical role of such commercial laundry in the delivery of essential products and services. The video series focuses on workers in the healthcare, manufacturing, food and beverage, and hospitality industries who rely on TRSA member companies to provide the safe, clean and professional uniforms, linens and other textiles that allow these industries to function.  

Children of the workers are featured in the videos to illustrate the essential yet unseen nature of commercial laundry and linen/uniform services. These sons and daughters of healthcare, food and beverage, hospitality, and manufacturing workers, unaware of their parents’ reliance on TRSA member companies to perform their job duties on a day-to-day basis, learn about the value of commercial laundry as the videos unfold. Bringing light to this critical industry in a way that is accessible to all audiences allows TRSA to instill greater knowledge, understanding and awareness of the key role that clean uniforms, linens and textiles play.  

Clean and Simple Marketing created the video. “We’re always looking for those authentic touches when telling a story as important as this one. It’s about time people from all over understand the impact that this industry makes on the day-to-day lives it touches,” said Maddie Schneider, C&SM’s head of marketing relations. 

To view TRSA’s “The Astonishing Behind-the-Scenes Industry,” visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XjQvdHZk8g