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What About Earth and CIBUTEX Promote Sustainability

Start-up What About Earth and cooperative CIBUTEX have launched a groundbreaking circular textile marketplace. This innovative platform connects suppliers of large amounts of used textiles with parties interested in utilizing these waste materials for recycling and upcycling, according to a recent news release. CIBUTEX expects to be able to trade at least 400 tons of textiles via the platform in the first year.

The launch of this platform came just before World Overshoot Day (May 13), the day when humanity has used up the earth’s natural resources for the year. This initiative underscores the growing importance of sustainability and the need to transition to a circular economy.

Jan Lamme, CEO of CIBUTEX, is enthusiastic about the platform: “Thanks to the What About Earth platform, we can more easily bring together supply and demand of used textiles. This paves the way for innovative and sustainable products such as handbags made from reused bedding and clothing items partially made from recycled materials.”

CIBUTEX, a cooperative of various companies from the textile service sector, aims to make a positive contribution to a more sustainable textile chain. Upcycling and recycling of used textiles are crucial in this regard. The What About Earth platform simplifies and accelerates the process of bringing together supply and demand, while largely automating the administrative process.

What About Earth was born out of a collaboration between six partners: Dibella, Lamme Textile Management, Atelier Revive, Generation Beta, Iconica, and Better Brands. The platform was made possible by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.


Image by annca from Pixabay