Leonard Laundry

TRSA’s New Logo and Tagline

A new TRSA logo and tagline are now available for members’ use to promote their affiliation with the organization on their websites, and other customer and public communications. The updated logo reflects TRSA’s long history and the tagline adds contemporary terminology that describes the industry’s service offerings.

The image is an adaptation of the 100th anniversary logo used during the celebration of that 2012 milestone. This historic touch highlights TRSA as the longest established North American industrywide organization. Combining “100+” with the organization’s name testifies to TRSA’s unmatched expertise in development of laundry best management practices.

The new tagline, “Strengthening and Promoting the Linen, Uniform and Facility Services Industry,” extends its predecessor, “Stronger Together,” to note that in addition to uniting industry operators, TRSA speaks on their behalf. Such promotion not only takes place with government, but industry customers as well, particularly in generating awareness of TRSA’s Clean Green and Hygienically Clean certification programs.

Added to the tagline: a definition of the industry. “Linen” and “uniform” were selected to reflect the terms used most often by industry operators in their company names to describe their core products. “Facility services” was chosen as the term to describe all other reusable textile products, as well as restroom supplies and other replenished items provided with linen and uniform services.

The logo and tagline are part of a larger project to develop consistent terminology and messaging to the industry and its customers about the range of TRSA programs and services, which increase productivity, sustainability, safety and professionalism through professional development, certification, research, benchmarking and information sharing.

Gavilan & Associates, a Washington, DC-based association management and marketing firm; and Infinite Laundry, the Coral Springs, FL, marketing agency dedicated to the industry, served as consultants to TRSA on the project.