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UniFirst Rebrands Uniforms

UniFirst Corporation, a North American company that supplies and services uniforms, workwear, and facility service products, announced the official unveiling of its new Route Service Representative (RSR) uniforms, redesigned for the first time in over 30 years, in a news release.

This is an especially important initiative as UniFirst RSRs personally deliver to over 300,000 business customers every week of the year. The new uniforms were designed to improve comfort and safety, while enhancing the employee brand image for more than 2,400 RSRs across all UniFirst service centers throughout the United States and Canada.

Featuring the company’s signature green and charcoal colors with reflective safety accents and striping to improve visibility on service routes, UniFirst’s new uniforms are available in a range of styles. Throughout the design process, the company led the effort with an employee-first mindset, inspiring uniform options for all climates throughout North America, from Miami, Florida to Edmonton, Alberta. The new uniforms were also designed to improve upon garment features like mobility and breathability to help keep up with the demands of the RSRs’ day-to-day work.

“Every business day, UniFirst proudly outfits over two million workers from coast to coast, so we understand the importance of feeling confident and looking great in what you’re wearing on the job,” said UniFirst President and CEO Steven Sintros. “UniFirst RSRs are the face of our company, and we want them to feel as empowered as our uniform-wearing customers. So, we felt it was critical to take all the time required to develop all ‘the right’ uniform elements, while also involving our RSRs throughout every step of the process.”

UniFirst included their RSRs during all development phases: from focus groups and conversations early on for open discussions and opinion sharing to wearer trials and surveys for real-world feedback after donning prototype (test) uniforms while servicing customers.

In an effort to develop a new holistic brand image, UniFirst has also redesigned its entire fleet of over 4,000 vehicles. Through a phased approach, the company will be rebranding fleet vehicles across all locations over the next few years.