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Unitex Executive Meets With D.C. Lawmakers

VERNON, NY — David Potack, vice president of Unitex, along with a group of laundry operators and associate members, met with national leaders and congressional lawmakers in Washington DC to discuss a range of industry issues including tax breaks on machinery, chemicals and other items used by commercial launderers.

Advocacy is a central function of TRSA, and David Potack (TRSA’s current Vice Chairman and future Chairman) feels strongly that members of Congress need to hear what the business community feels on issues that directly and indirectly affect the commercial laundry industry. Potack met with Congressman Rick Allen (R-GA) and Lou Barletta (R-PA), both business owners and industry customers to reiterate the significant impact of over-regulation on the business community.  Potack also met with several members of Congress (from both parties) who universally appreciated the information and added context that he was able to provide as it relates to current and proposed legislation and regulatory rules under consideration, according to a Unitex spokesperson.

The recent dinner and sessions on Capitol Hill were part TRSA’s latest “Fly-In” program, which brings TRSA members to the nation’s capital to meet with lawmakers to discuss the many contributions that U.S. businesses make to the communities they serve.

“It was an honor to meet with these influential leaders to discuss the important industry topics that affect our industry and to let them know firsthand the positive things that U.S. based healthcare laundering companies are doing,” Potack said.


Image Caption:  TRSA members with Senator Ted Cruz, junior U.S. Senator from Texas and 2016 presidential candidate, while meeting with other Washington political figures during an industry dinner.